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Blocked floor drain repairing services

You haven’t really paid much attention to the tiny drains in the corner of your bathroom floor, garage, basement or laundry. Have you?
Well, most people don’t, until the floor drains get blocked and issues start cropping up. Staying out of sight most of the time, these drains are easy to overlook. However, a blocked floor drain could flood your property and cause significant inconveniences. This is when, you would have to hire a leading plumbing company in Sydney to fix the drain that you always ignored.
Floor drains perform an important purpose: draining away water that would otherwise remain stagnant on the floor. This is why, you would find these drains in places where water tends to collect.

What Normally Gets Blocked?

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Sewer Drain

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Storm Water Drain

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Kitchen Drain

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What problems can a blocked floor drain give rise to?

The issues that may arise from a blocked floor drain are:

  • The water would become stagnant and turn into a habitat for various bacteria and germs that can potentially cause serious diseases.
  • When water hoards on the floor and stays for a long time, it can eventually cause damages to the property, such as water seepage.
  • Generally, you do not have to worry about the danger of an immediate flood in case of an overflowing sink or a faulty or leaking tap. However, if the floor drain cannot drain away the excess water, it can easily flood your property.
  • It is simply unhygienic to have your feet in dirty stagnant water while taking a bath.

Tree Roots

Gardening can be wonderful and fun but it is important to know where your sewer and stormwater drains are laid before planting certain flora. Cracks and spaces in your pipes are especially vulnerable to strong, deep roots and can cause significant damage to your pipe’s health and your wallet! Out of all the blocked drain issues throughout our 20+ years of plumbing experience, tree roots is the number one most common problem.

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Flushing Oils

The most common cause of kitchen sink blockages is oil and waste scraps clogging the drains. Simply DO NOT pour oils down the kitchen sink, but instead pour it into containers to prevent the fats blocking your drain.

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Hygiene Objects

Regardless of wipes and female hygiene products being a kind of tissue, you SHOULD NOT flush them down the drain. We advise our customers to dispose of these into a rubbish bin and to remember that all wipes can cause blockages and issues with your drain.

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Another common blockage problem is quantities of hair blocking drains. This can easily be prevented by using a hair catcher over your drain or simply remove the hairs from the drain after your shower

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Leaves & Debris

Leaves and debris often block stormwater drains. Make sure they’re kept clear. What we recommend to our customers is to place a Protective Gutter Guard or a simple mesh covering over the drain to keep them clean and clear.

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How do we unblock blocked floor drains?

At PlumbFirst Sydney, we first spend considerable time and effort in diagnosing the problem and accordingly choose a suitable approach. If the blockage is created due to the build-up of dirt and grease, we would use a high-pressure water blaster. In case of a broken drainage pipe, we would reline it. If you wish to hire professional services for unblocking a blocked floor drain in Sydney, call us at 1300 174 890.

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