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Gas fitting in Sydney

If you are planning to convert to a more economical option than electricity for heating and cooking purposes, a gas connection is the best alternative. With Australia being the home to large gas reserves, natural gas is much cheaper than electricity. Moreover, it is a relatively more environmentally-safer option compared to electricity generated by combusting large amounts of coal. At PlumbFirst Sydney, we offer reliable gas fitting services. Our experienced team of gas fitters would carry out the task seamlessly at prices that would not pinch your pockets.
Gas fitting is something you would want experts to handle, given that setting up such connections call for professionalism and care.

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Why should you hire our professional services?

As one of the best gas fitting companies in Sydney, we offer highly reliable services. Here are some of the reasons why you would want to hire us:

You wouldn’t have to face any legal hassles as we are always adhere to with the Australian standards.

We take time to ensure that the gas connection is secure and there aren’t any leaks.

We provide our clients with customised services by first evaluating the type of fitting that would be best suited for a specific application or environment.

Along with gas fitting in Sydney, we also offer other related services, including emergency services in case of leaks or other hazards.

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How to get a natural gas connection?

Before you hire us for gas fitting in Sydney, you would have to check if the neighbourhood you live in has a gas connection. You may either check this out online by visiting the natural gas website, or by checking if your neighbours’ properties have gas meters. Once you know that your street has a gas connection, you may contact the utility company to set up the connection for your property. We would then send a licenced gas fitter to extend the connection from your gas meter to the required parts of your home.

Give us a call at 1300 174 890. to get your gas connection ready.

We Will Discuss & Provide You an Option Sheet for the Most Cost-Effective Solutions

Gas Fitting Solutions

We calculate ALL available options for your property

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Step 1

We gather detailed information about your home to accurately assess your options

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Step 2

We provide a highly detailed Option Sheet that lists every possible solution for your issue.

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Step 3

We’ll confirm your decision before starting any work. Guaranteed on-time professional services

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