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Gas leak detection in Sydney

Natural gas is indeed a safe, reliable and clean source of energy for household chores like heating and cooking. However, situations like gas leaks can pose major hazards if not handled with care and urgency. We offer fast and reliable gas leak detection services in Sydney, along with round-the-clock emergency services. Moreover, our team of gas fitters is highly experienced in handling such situations and will be able to resolve the issue with ease.

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What to do in case of a gas leak?

Considering that the odour of the gas happens to be its most common characteristic, chances are high that you would be able to scent gas in case of a leak. In order to prevent a major hazard before our gas fitters can arrive at your place, make sure to follow these steps:

Extinguish any live flame burning in your property and turn off your electrical appliances.

Inform the other individuals in the property about the leak, so that someone doesn’t unknowingly light a flame.

Turn off the closing valve in your gas main to cut off supply to the leak and prevent any more gas from escaping.

Open up all the doors and windows in your home so that the leaked gas can escape.

Call us without any delay and request a gas leak detection service.

It is advisable to leave your home and wait outdoors until we arrive for the sake of safety.

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Why should you get the gas leak detection carried out immediately?

A gas leak, if not brought under control and fixed immediately, can result in a fire hazard. Moreover, in case if natural gas accumulates inside your home, the air would turn toxic. It can easily cause breathing difficulties and health hazards. To avail gas leak detection in Sydney, call PlumbFirst Sydney at 1300 174 890

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